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Lee Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik’s appearance in the new drama is considered no longer charming.

This March there will be two new Korean Dramas, which will star two handsome actors.
Lee Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik will greet the audience again through their latest drama, where Lee Min Ho will come back to star in the Korean drama Apple TV++ ‘Pachinko’, which will air on March 25. Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik will play in the Disney+ drama ‘Soundtrack #1’, broadcast starting March 23. As usual, before the broadcast, the production team of each drama generally has released a teaser to attract the audience’s attention. The teaser that aired showed the visuals of Lee Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik. But unexpectedly, South Korean netizens focused on the appearance of the two handsome actors to become a hot conversation. Netizens saw a change in the appearance of the two handsome actors, where now both of them look more chubby. Many netizens left comments saying that Lee Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik now have fuller faces due to the weight gain. In the eyes of netizens, the facial features, cheekbones, and jawline of the two famous actors no longer look sharp and firm. Ironically, netizens expressed disappointment when placing their appearances in the new and past dramas side by side. Netizens claim that Lee Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik now look less charming and attractive. Their visuals now do not reduce the fans’ love for these two handsome actors. Fans still think even though they have gained weight, Lee Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik are still handsome. According to netizens, the most important thing is that their visuals match the characters.
Moreover, compared to their skinnier appearance in the past, the two actors now look more authoritarian, mature, and masculine. Many viewers find them equally attractive. A little information, Lee Min Ho will appear in ‘Pachinko,’ where he will compete acting with veteran actress Youn Yuh Jung. In this series, Lee Min Ho plays a villain. The audience has high expectations for his new image in this series from his role.
Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik promised to create sweet chemistry with Han So Hee in the upcoming melodrama ‘Soundtrack #1’. What do you think, Lee Min Ho and Park Hyung Sik still look incredible or not with their roles in their latest drama?



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