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Lee Min Ho bluntly admits language was the most difficult part when filming Pachinko, far behind Kim Min Ha

Lee Min Ho is a veteran actor from South Korea with long-acting experience.
Early in his career, Lee Min Ho only got minor roles in several television dramas such as Nonstop 5 and Recipe of Love.
In 2006, his acting career was stopped for one year due to a severe car accident.
After recovering, Lee Min Ho returned to the Korean entertainment industry and received much acclaim from fans.
Now Lee Min Ho is known as one of the most popular actors in South Korea.
He was trusted to star in Apple’s drama production, Pachinko, even recently.
After starring in The King Eternal Monarch, Lee Min Ho was paired with newcomer actress Kim Min Ha in Pachinko.
The return of Lee Min Ho to the world of drama has become a hot topic because his role is not as usual.
Lee Min Ho is said to have dared to step out of his comfort zone and break into the K-Drama market in Korea and even across the country.
Reporting from KdramaStars, Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Lee Min Ho had time to reveal the most challenging challenges while filming Pachinko.
In a video that lasts almost 5 minutes, the South Korean star tells how he played the role of Ko Hansu.
Lee Min Ho honestly said he tried hard because he had to recite Japanese in several episodes.
Lee Min Ho admitted that he had to learn Japanese in a shorter time than usual and did a lot of research.
When it’s hard to learn Japanese quickly, Lee Min Ho has his way of making up for it.
According to Lee Min Ho, music helped him internalize his role and understand the era Ko Han Su describes.
Besides Japanese, Lee Min Ho seems to be less fluent in English.
The actor once received criticism during an interview with Rotten Tomatoes.
Lee Min Ho has been criticized for appearing stiff when speaking English, unlike his co-star Kim Min Ha.
Kim Min Ha received praise for speaking English fluently and confidently.
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho got a sharp spotlight for his awkward English pronunciation.
Even though he has become a globally famous actor, Lee Min Ho still needs to rely on translators.
Apart from the pros and cons of Lee Min Ho’s shortcomings, some fans think that what should be judged is the quality of Lee Min Ho’s acting.
The reason is that Lee Min Ho is an actor, so acting should be the leading benchmark in judging.
On the broadcast of episode 7 of Pachinko, Lee Min Ho received a lot of praise when he showed heart-wrenching sadness in the past.
In this episode, viewers can see Koh Han Su’s early life from the beginning until he turns into a cold and worldly man.
However, it is revealed that his burdensome past has made him a man with a lousy personality.
Since its global release on March 25, 2022, this novel-based K-Drama has received an overwhelming response from critics and viewers alike.
On the other hand, what makes this drama interesting is the diverse and colorful characters.
Pachinko, starring actresses Kim Min Ha, Youn Yu Jung, and actor Lee Min Ho will air its final episode on April 29 exclusively on Apple TV+.



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