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Lee Min Ho is finally “falling in love” with his ideal type, Song Hye Kyo, after many years of wishing.

Lee Min Ho is a handsome actor on the Korean screen. Possessing a beautiful face and innate aristocratic temperament, Lee Min Ho has made many international girls’ hearts flutter.
Initially a top sought-after star, Lee Min Ho still has his idol. In an interview, the actor “The King: Eternal Monarch” once expressed his desire to cooperate and work with the cult senior Song Hye Kyo. Lee Min Ho himself is not afraid to admit that the “Descendants of the Sun” actress is his ideal model. Although there has been no movie that the two have collaborated on, recently, Lee Min received good news when he was paired with ex-wife Song Joong ki for the first time. Accordingly, the actor became Fendi’s Korean regional ambassador. This means that he and Song Hye Kyo will become ambassadors in the Korean region for this brand. After this information was posted, fans were extremely excited when the actor surnamed Lee asked for a wish to work with his ideal model. Many fans expect these two beauty products to appear in the same frame for this brand.
Although Lee Min Ho has not had many breakthroughs in acting, each actor’s movie has received much love from the audience. Many people commented that Lee Min Ho was “one color” and did not step out of the safe zone. When it comes to male actors, people often think of his handsomeness and powerful aura, not his heart-wrenching roles.
The paradox is that although the content and acting are pathetic, “The King: Eternal Monarch” is always at the top of the most popular movies on streaming platforms of many countries worldwide because of Lee Min’s hotness. A cough.
Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is a “screen pearl” in the Korean entertainment industry. Although she does not have the ideal height, Song Hye Kyo possesses a luxurious aura and a fashion-forward aura. Despite her age, she is always chosen by luxury brands to send the gold.
Not only that, but Song Hye Kyo’s movies also created a huge buzz. Like Lee Min Ho when many people think that Song Hye Kyo’s roles are still the same, but it is undeniable that she is still a talented actress on the Korean screen.



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