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Lee Min Ho is given extra attention before his bed scene in Pachinko because he is the male lead.

The Pachinko series managed to attract the attention of many people, especially Korean drama lovers.
How not, Pachinko drama presents an unusual story.
The actors and artists also have to go through rigorous auditions to be able to play a role in Pachinko.
Actor Lee Min Ho’s class had to participate in the casting.
In fact, during his 13-year career, Lee Min Ho has never again participated in casting to get a role.
Not only that, but Pachinko also attracts attention because the cultivation process is so severe, not half-hearted.
Lee Min Ho was amazed at the process of making the Pachinko series.
Lee Min Ho said that he was surprised by the amount that Apple invested.
Not a little, the nominal reached more than 100 billion won for filming Pachinko.
In particular, this Ko Hansu cast was also surprised by the size of the set.
In Canada, a set reproduces the Korean fish market during the Japanese colonial era.
Watching several 1.5-ton trucks loading fresh seafood in the morning, Lee Min Ho realized the detail and scale of this work.
Lee Min Ho confessed that the moment that impressed him the most was not the scale but the exact working method for the actors’ acting.
The day before the kissing scene or bed scene is filmed, a psychologist arrives.
The goal is to interview actors to give them advice about their current emotional and psychological state.
Such a detailed approach is of great help to their acting.
Pachinko is very concerned about the emotional and psychological aspects of his players.



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