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Lee Min Ho open up about his ideal home & what truly makes him feel loved there, Kim Go Eun So Happy !!

Lee Min Ho, the beloved Korean star famous for his roles in “Boys Over Flowers” and various other hit dramas, recently opened up about his ideal home and what truly makes him feel loved there. During a fan meet event organized by property developer SMDC, for which he serves as the endorser, Lee Min Ho shared his personal insights.

For this charismatic actor, his dream home is a tranquil haven, a treehouse nestled in a remote location, far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. He emphasized the need for solitude and the presence of untouched nature, stating, “There should be no other house around it, just nature.” It’s clear that Min Ho seeks a peaceful and harmonious environment to call home, one that allows him to connect with the beauty of nature.

But what truly warms his heart at home is the presence of his loyal and beloved companion, Choco, his pet dog. In his own words, “For me, having Choco at home is very important because I personally think at home, you need to feel the warmth of the home, and for that to happen, some being or someone that can make you feel loved is very important. That, for me, is my dog.”

He also emphasized the importance of personal connections in making a house feel like a home. Min Ho explained that for others, it could be their family, friends, or even their pets that create that sense of love and warmth in their homes. He recognizes that the concept of home is deeply personal and unique to each individual, but he firmly believes that having a place to call your own is essential.

During a fast-talk segment of the fan meet, Lee Min Ho shared some interesting tidbits about his personal life. He revealed that he’s a night owl, finding his energy surging as night falls. Additionally, he expressed his preference for sleep over shopping, recounting an especially comfortable nap he enjoyed on his way to the Philippines.

In terms of seeking comfort during difficult times, Min Ho mentioned that he rarely gets anxious and naturally experiences comfort in his daily life, allowing him to live his life without constantly pursuing it.

When asked to choose between the gym and the pool, he declared his love for the pool, sparking a playful exchange with the host, Sam Oh, who affectionately responded with, “We love you in the pool!” Interestingly, Min Ho admitted that he doesn’t know how to swim, prompting Sam to assure him that there are plenty of volunteers willing to come to his rescue.

In the end, Lee Min Ho’s insights not only give us a glimpse into his dream home and personal preferences but also highlight the importance of finding love and comfort within our homes, be it through the presence of loved ones or even a loyal furry friend.

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