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Lee Min Ho posted photo of Kim Go Eun but He Deleted immediately! Korean News site Shared this!

In a surprising turn of events, South Korea’s entertainment industry is abuzz with the latest developments involving two of its biggest stars, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. Recently, a Korean news outlet reported that the pair were seen together in Paris, fueling speculation about a possible romantic relationship.

This isn’t the first time Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun have been linked together. They were first spotted abroad last year, and their recent appearance together has reignited rumors about their relationship. The news site has released a photo of the duo, providing compelling evidence of their close bond.

Insiders have long suspected that the couple might be more than just friends, citing their intimate behavior and chemistry. Lee Min Ho, 37, known for his charismatic presence on screen, is reportedly even more affectionate and caring towards Kim Go Eun off-screen. Behind-the-scenes footage shows him playfully interacting with her, often helping with her clothing or sharing laughs.

Adding to the frenzy, Lee Min Ho recently posted two photos of them together on social media, only to delete them shortly afterward. This action has piqued the interest of fans worldwide, who are delighted by the closeness displayed in the photos and are eagerly hoping for an official confirmation of their relationship.

Amidst these romantic speculations, a spokesperson from Lee Min Ho’s agency revealed that the actor has been dating Kim Go Eun for almost three years. However, Kim Go Eun, focusing on her thriving acting career, has not made any public statements regarding these claims.

As fans and media continue to speculate, the couple remains the center of attention in the South Korean entertainment industry. Whether they are just close friends or something more, their relationship continues to fascinate and captivate audiences both in South Korea and internationally.

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