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Lee Min Ho suddenly looked strangely less sharp when sharing the same frame with two famous seniors Lee Jung Jae and Kang Dong Won.

Recently, some photos of Lee Min Ho in the US were posted. In the picture, he is happy to meet seniors Lee Jung Jae, Kang Dong Won, Bae Doo Na in the country of flowers. As observed, the “Boys Over Flowers” actor wore a white shirt and elegant black suit. He let his hair curl romantically, smiling brightly in front of the camera.
However, netizens feel disappointed when they see Lee Min Ho’s current appearance. Although he is 15 years older than Min Ho, senior Lee Jung Jae is considered more stylish and younger than Min Ho. Even Kang Dong Won is slightly better than Lee Min Ho in terms of beauty, although Dong Won doesn’t have a face that attracts fans like Min Ho.
During the recent trip to the US, Lee Min Ho focused on promoting the new movie “Pachinko”. This is the work that marks a turning point in his acting career. Min Ho broke out of the beautiful and luxurious image with this role. He admitted to being quite nervous when he first worked on a project produced in three languages ​​and had the most significant budget in history. However, Lee Min Ho is also extremely excited because he finally has the opportunity to challenge himself with a completely different image than before.



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