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Lee Min Ho Surprises Fans with Talk of Love Amid Marriage Preparation.

Recently, Lee Min Ho became the center of attention at an event in Manila. Donning a striking green suit, South Korea’s leading heartthrob captured hearts with his dashing appearance and impressive height. However, this time around, Lee Min Ho seemed to have put on a bit of weight compared to his previous appearances.

When asked by the MC about the secret behind his stunning looks, Lee Min Ho didn’t hesitate to respond. He said, “I believe it’s because of love. When I feel loved, I strive to become a better person, and I also want to appear fresh and new.”

Many netizens speculated that Lee Min Ho might be in a romantic relationship, which is why his face appeared radiant and joyful. Although he didn’t reveal who he is in love with, it’s clear that love has brought more meaning to the life of the “Boys Over Flowers” heartthrob. Some people suggest that Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend could be either Goo Hye Sun or Kim Go Eun, both of whom have been linked to him in recent marriage rumors.

Others, however, believe that Lee Min Ho’s statement wasn’t necessarily about a romantic relationship but a broader message about love in general. It’s because of such a vague statement that Min Ho might lead people to misinterpret his intentions.

Lee Min Ho, born in 1987, is renowned for his roles in various dramas and films, including “Boys Over Flowers,” “City Hunter,” “The Heirs,” and “Legend of the Blue Sea.” He has experienced two unsuccessful relationships in the past with Park Min Young and Suzy. Since parting ways with Suzy, Lee Min Ho has yet to publicly confirm any new romantic involvement.

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