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Lee Min Ho with a bloody image and emotional crying scene in Pachinko’s new trailer.

The producer has just released a short trailer for the movie Pachinko with the participation of actor Lee Min Ho. The remarkable point in this 1-minute and 8-second trailer is that the “Asian King” has stripped off his inherent handsome image, becoming rolling in every moment.
The trailer’s beginning is Lee Min Ho’s bloody face – an image that his fans haven’t seen for a long time after City Hunter.
Lee Min Ho did not perform well in crying scenes in the past. However, the brief scene of him holding his face and sobbing in this trailer touched the audience’s hearts.
Besides, the trailer also reveals some details of the movie and the interaction between the actors. Typically, the moment Lee Min Ho gives a warm hug to his co-star.
The short trailer has built the image of Lee Min Ho’s character with two opposite sides. When miserable with a face full of blood and tears, when luxurious and elegant. This makes the audience curious about the content and story that the film wants to convey.
Pachinko promises to be Lee Min Ho’s breakthrough film as the actor tries his hand at a more gritty, complex role.
The film is based on a novel of the same name. The film revolves around a four-generation Korean family amid the Japanese occupation of Korea and the start of World War II. Pachinko has the participation of veteran actors such as Youn Yuh Jung, Arai Soji, Jin Ha, Kim Min Ha,…



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