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Lee Min Ho’s Desire to Visit a Secret Island with a Special Someone. KIM GO EUN IS HAPPY !!

In recent news, the charming South Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, expressed his desire for a special excursion to a hidden island paradise. During a recent interview with SMDC, as the company celebrated its 65th anniversary, the actor showcased his thoughtfulness and charisma. In the press interaction following the release of his latest movie, “Voice Over Flowers,” Lee Min Ho shared his thoughts and plans, igniting excitement among his fans in the Philippines.

One question took the actor by surprise, as the interviewer inquired about his intentions when he had the opportunity to visit the Philippines again. Without hesitation, Lee Min Ho revealed his fascination with a secret island in the country, stating, “I want to go to a secret island. If anyone can tell me about this secret island, I will go there.”

This intriguing response immediately triggered speculations and sparked discussions about the actor’s personal life. Fans, ever eager to decode the enigma of Lee Min Ho’s love life, began to assume that he had a particular someone in mind for this secret island adventure. The spotlight turned towards the talented actress Kim Go Eun, known for her role in the popular series “Goblin.”

Although Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are not currently romantically involved, fervent admirers of the duo passionately rooted for them to come together. In their eyes, Kim Go Eun could be the most beautiful bride, expressing their desires in comments and social media posts. Lee Min Ho seemed to be especially inspired these days, and he hinted at an ongoing project, which explained his frequent visits to the gym.

The burning question on everyone’s minds was clear: Who is the special girl Lee Min Ho dreams of whisking away to that hidden paradise? As the actor’s fans eagerly await the unfolding of his romantic journey, one thing is certain: Lee Min Ho’s fascination with the secret island remains a tantalizing mystery that has ignited their imaginations.

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