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Lee Min Ho’s Friendship Almost Destroyed Because of Park Min Young, What’s Up?

Park Min Young turned out to have made the friendship between Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum almost destroyed.
As a top actress, Park Min Young seems to be constantly attracting the attention of fans.
Even since she debuted in 2006 in the acting world, her name skyrocketed.
Even though she was still young and had just debuted, her acting deserves a thumbs up. One of them was when she appeared in her drama entitled ‘Unstoppable High Kick,’ better known as High Kick (2006).
High Kick itself is a legendary sitcom drama in the 2000s era.
However, there is one exciting thing about this legendary Korean drama that is quite unforgettable.
It turns out that her relationship with Lee Min Ho has been going on since her acting debut. She and Lee Min Ho were immediately involved in a love triangle with Kim Bum, his best friend.
Edits, but the figure of Lee Min Ho is not an actor, you know.
But only one character named Lee Min Ho played by Kim Hye Seong.
There was a love triangle story between the three who acted like high school students in this series. At that time, Kim Hye Seong played Lee Min Ho, then Kim Bum as his real name, and Park Min Young as Kang Yoo Mi.
Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are two very close friends in the drama.
Lee Min Ho himself (Kim Hye Seong) has a love affair with Kang Yoo Mi, also an enemy of Kim Bum. Because Kim Bum and Kang Yoo Mi, aka Park Min Young, often fight like dogs and cats in High Kick. However, the two are even involved in romance due to frequent fights.
That is evidenced by one of the moments when they were playing together. At that time, Park Min Young was sleeping in a room.
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho left him, and Kim Bum entered the room to get his bag.
Seeing Park Min Young asleep, Kim Bum was curious and then surprisingly kissed Kang Yoo Mi. While kissing Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho entered, and he and Kim Bum were immediately shocked.
Feeling numb, Kim Bum left Lee Min Ho, who was still shocked and disappointed, while Park Min Young woke up and didn’t understand what had happened. So in this story, it’s not Park Min Young who cheated on Lee Min Ho, but Kim Bum, who is secretly happy with his best friend’s lover.
However, the two friends finally made peace in the High drama Kick. Meanwhile, Park Min Young is told to have to part with Lee Min Ho in episode 152.
Although not the real Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young had a relationship with actor Pachinko several years later.
Where in the real world, Lee Min Ho was dating Park Min Young when he was dating in the drama City, Hunter. Although the High drama Kick is old school, Park Min Young’s acting, who was debuting, received a lot of praise.
Moreover, her acting can bring chemistry to the love triangle between Lee Min Ho (Kim Hye Seong), Kim Bum, and Kang Yoo Mi (Park Min Young) in High Kick.



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