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Lee Min Ho’s new film was praised by international critics as “the best work of 2022”.

Lee Min Ho’s Pachinko will officially air the first episode is only a few more days. Because it is an international project, the film has not been officially released yet but has received many reviews from world experts. The film is about four generations of a Korean family who have to face countless difficulties as they go through events during a traumatic period in the country’s history. The film is mainly told from the perspective of the female lead Sun Ja, who leaves Korea to come to Japan after the trauma of her first love in search of a better life.
The film has attracted a lot of attention before, especially around Lee Min Ho’s villain role and the reappearance of veteran Oscar-winning star – Youn Yuh Jung. In addition, the trailers that have been released have also increased the audience’s expectations for the work. On March 23, a writer for Entertainment Weekly (an American magazine) published an article praising the film, even saying that Pachinko could be the best movie of 2022 even though it is currently only spent the first 3 months of the year.
In her article, Entertainment Weekly writer Kristen Baldwin wrote: “Pachinko – an epic, beautiful drama about four generations of a Korean immigrant family. It’s time to start using phrases like TV drama masterpiece to refer to this work.”
Besides the audience looking forward to Pachinko, many people think this comment is too flattering, especially when it is only March of the year and Pachinko has not yet officially debuted. The mass audience is also concerned that Pachinko will be very picky about the audience and that Lee Min Ho’s role is not enough for the media to promote it as “Lee Min Ho’s film.”



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