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Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye Ex I.O.I Compete in Acting Through Pure Boxer Drama, Here’s Character Leaks.

The latest Korean drama, Pure Boxer, announced the two main players, Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye ex I.O.I, and will be aired through the KBS2 channel.
Set in the life story of a petty sports agent, the Pure drama Boxer presents a fresh storyline, played by Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye.
So, what kind of roles did Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye receive in the drama Pure Boxer? Let’s scroll through the reviews below.
Lee Sang Yeob Transforms into a Cold-hearted Man in Pure Boxer
Reporting from OSEN, the Pure drama Boxer depicts the dreams and talents of young people in sports interestingly and unexpectedly.
In the Pure drama Boxer, Lee Sang Yeob was appointed to play the main character named, Kim Tae Young, a cold-hearted sports agent.
He attracts talented players to the sports field and makes big bucks from them in no time before the athletes run out of steam.
One of Kim Tae Young’s protégés is Kim Hee Won. However, Kim Hee Won is in a difficult situation, so Kim Tae Young is assigned to bring female boxer Lee Kwon Sook to fight again.
Kim So Hye, as a young boxer
Kim So Hye plays the character Lee Kwon Sook. Three years ago, he was known as an elite boxer at the very young age of 17 years.
Lee Kwon Sook is undefeated and managed to make his name at the peak of the sport’s popularity. However, he suddenly disappeared as if swallowed by the earth and left the boxing world.
So, what kind of way does Kim Tae Young need to get Lee Kwon Sook back into the boxing arena?
The Pure Boxer drama is an adaptation of the novel Soonjungboxer Leekwonsook by Chu Jong Nam, first published in December 2014.
The action of Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye in the drama Pure Boxer is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023 through the KBS2 channel.



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