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Lee Seung Gi bluntly admits that he almost got a facial, this is the reason Bae Suzy’s opponent in Vagabond wants surgery.

Bae Suzy’s co-star in the drama Vagabond, Lee Seung Gi, was almost about to do plastic surgery.
Lee Seung Gi said that he was not confident with the shape of his nose.
Lee Seung Gi felt that the shape of his nose was strange. In the Land of Ginseng, it is no longer a secret that many artists perform plastic surgery. Many of them openly admit that they had surgery.
Not a few also prefer to hide this fact. Some people undergo plastic surgery for health reasons, but others appear more confident in public. This is also almost done by the multitalented artist Lee Seung Gi.
Already having a handsome face, it turns out that Lee Seung Gi is still insecure with his physical appearance. Even Bae Suzy’s former co-star in Vagabond’s drama said openly that she almost had plastic surgery.
Launching from KDrama Stars, Saturday, March 26, 2022, Lee Seung Gi appeared on one of the SBS TV shows, ‘ Circle House’.
The 1987-born artist admitted that he almost had plastic surgery on his nose. Lee Seung Gi confessed that he was very insecure and didn’t like his nose.
Thoughts of this operation came because he wanted his appearance to be more attractive.
He said that he was obsessed with his appearance. “After I finished my military service, I suddenly started to dislike the appearance of my nose.”
“It looks extraordinary for some reason. So, I started thinking about getting a nose job,” said Lee Seung Gi, quoted by KDrama Stars.
Because he wanted to support his appearance, the handsome actor had made an appointment with a surgeon without his agency’s knowledge. “I consulted a doctor and set a date for surgery. I even gave a deposit. I couldn’t tell my agency staff about it,” he said. Lee Seung Gi also said that he had been told that the surgery process was straightforward.
He has even been shown the results after the operation is very natural. Although it seemed that his intention was mature enough to carry out the operation, the plan was ultimately cancelled because Lee Seung Gi is aware of the pros and cons of plastic surgery.
“When I got home, I finally changed my mind. I thought about the pros and cons and concluded that it is best not to do it,” he said. Even though he didn’t have plastic surgery, Lee Seung Gi still looks handsome and has his charm.
Evidently, after debuting in 2005, Lee Seung Gi became one of the highest-paid actors.
Especially when Lee Seung Gi collided with Shin Min Ah and Bae Suzy, Lee Seung Gi was able to win various awards thanks to his role.



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