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Lee Seung Gi broke up with Lee Dae In? This is the response of former SNSD Yoona.

Handsome actor and singer from South Korea, Lee Seung Gi, was hit by inappropriate rumours about his love story.
As is known, Lee Seung Gi and beautiful actress Lee Da In are reportedly dating.
The couple, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In, had been dating since May last year.
However, recently rumours spread that the Lee-Lee couple broke up.
Regarding rumours of breaking up with his girlfriend, actor Lee Seung Gi denied and responded to rumours among netizens.


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Lee Seung Gi denied the news privately on June 5, 2022.
Launching from the Soompi page Sunday, June 12, 2022, the following is an official statement from Lee Seung Gi.
“I think we (Lee Seung Gi and his fans) last year hurt each other and lacked communication,” he said.
“So after much deliberation, I finally opened up,” he said again.
“The first reason why I’m not talking much in the midst of all this is because I doubt my thoughts will be conveyed clearly when I’m emotional,” he continued.
Lee Seung Gi chose to remain silent so that rumours about his relationship with Lee Da In would not spread more widely among netizens.
“Secondly, I was worried that what we were talking about would leak to other outlets or be distorted and become more rumors that could hurt more people,” said Lee Seung Gi.
“I hope you understand why I am silent. Even though some of you asked me to clarify,” he continued.
Through his writing, the masculine actor reaffirmed that the relationship between himself and Lee Da In has not changed since the beginning of their dating.
Lee Seung Gi was also reluctant to comment further and remained silent about his relationship with Lee Da In.


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“There has been no change in my stance or relationship since the dating news last year.”
“I will not comment further on it and I don’t think I need it,” he stressed again.
Quoted from Soompi, Sunday, June 12, 2022, Lee Seung Gi also apologized for this.
“I’m sorry if you’re upset about this. And I wanted to cheer you all up.”
“Please blame me for my shortcomings and I ask for your understanding,” he concluded.
Despite all the rumours of his romance, Lee Seung Gi is an actor well-known for the many dramas he has starred in.
Quoted from, Sunday, June 12 2022, one of the popular dramas he has starred in is entitled Mouse.
It tells the story of a serial killer who makes the entire nation feel afraid to make chaos run rampant.
Yoona SNSD’s former lover plays a new police officer named Jung Ba Reum.
The mouse has aired as many as 20 episodes from March 3, 2021, to May 19, 2021.
The actors and actresses who take part are Lee Hee Joon (Ko Moo Chi), Park Ju Hyun (Oh Bong Yi), and Kyung Soo Jin (Choi Hong Joo).



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