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Lee Seung-gi’s side recently sent proof of contents to Hook Entertainment, asking them to disclose the settlement transparently.

“I’m trying to clear up the misunderstanding with Lee Seung-gi… I’m not breaking up with Yoon Yeo-Jung.”
“Seizure and search…announcement when the situation is settled.”
Park Min-young’s agency Hook Entertainment (‘Hook Enter’), is on the chopping block daily. After she was seized and searched by the police, she was surrounded by rumors of a breakup with actress Yoon Yeo-Jung and even received content proof from Lee Seung-gi. Confidence with the stars of the two signboards is shaking, and the noise continues.
On the 18th, ‘Hook Enter’ said, “We received a proof of contents from our artist Lee Seung-gi, and we are reviewing related data accordingly and preparing an answer.”
Lee Seung-gi’s side recently sent proof of contents to Hook Entertainment, asking them to disclose the settlement transparently. Having doubts that there is a problem with the settlement of various activities so far, they ask for transparent disclosure of administrative problems and settlement.
The contract will be terminated if Lee Seung-gi’s side receives a convincing answer to the content verification within a few days. As he has been with Hook for 18 years, from his debut to the present, the industry is quite surprised.
Regarding this, Hook Enter said, “(Lee Seung-gi) is trying to finish the matter smoothly without any misunderstanding between the two sides.” I tell you that it is,” he explained.
In addition, regarding the seizure and search, he added, “Due to the seriousness of the issue raised, it is currently difficult to say anything about the issue.”
The day before, a report was that Yoon Yeo-Jeong had terminated her exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment. Immediately after the report, an official from Hook Entertainment refuted it, saying, “The rumors of a breakup with teacher Yoon Yeo-Jeong are groundless.” “I don’t understand why this report came out,” she said with a puzzled reaction.
However, the situation seems serious due to the continuous noise inside and outside. Other affiliated artists, Lee Seon-hee and Lee Seo-jin are also agitated by voices asking whether there will be a change in their future.
Previously, on the 10th, the Severe Crime Investigation Division of the National Police Agency searched and seized the Hook office building located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It is known that the search and seizure were conducted to confirm the suspicion of embezzlement by some executives, including CEO Kwon.
Hook Entertainment hasn’t had a good day since September when rumors of dating between actor Park Min-young and ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun broke out. Kang Jong-hyun is suspected of owning Bithumb, a virtual asset exchange, and has been banned from leaving the country. Two days after her dating rumors, Park Min-young announced her position through her agency, saying, “Currently, I have broken up with the dating rumor partner.”



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