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Lisa (BlackPink) beamed at a brand event but thought it would turn into a solo mini fanmeeting.

BlackPink’s Lisa has never stopped surprising everyone with her stunning visuals wherever she is. This was proved once again when Lisa appeared in Rome for the schedule of the brand for which she is the brand ambassador.
Lisa (BlackPink) turned a brand event into her solo fan meeting with many unexpected elements.
Specifically, the images and clips of Lisa (BlackPink) at the brand’s event in her overseas schedule are being widely circulated on social networks. Fans gathered around the building to be able to see Lisa. Fans and netizens alike were overwhelmed by the close-up photos of Lisa showing her natural beauty at the event. With short blonde hair, simple makeup, and a black and white blazer, Lisa has a dazzling aura from head to toe. BlackPink’s maknae has warmed fans’ hearts with her sweetness, kindness, and loveliness. She constantly smiled, waved, making heart signs, and thanked the fans for coming to her. Notably, Lisa excitedly danced with the fans when the whole crowd sang her solo song “LALISA.” The female idol dances with enthusiasm and cuteness and enjoys the support that fans give her. She turned the event into her very own mini fan meeting. The CEO of the luxury label that was with Lisa was also pleased to see all the support she received from her fans. He even took out his phone and proudly recorded those moments. This detail shows that the brand also admires and is delighted with its ambassador.



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