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Lisa (BLACKPINK) caused a fever at the airport with bright blonde hair.

Following the two sisters, Jisoo and Jennie, Lisa was present at the airport to Paris to participate in her schedule. The female idol images here surprised fans. The fashion style of the youngest BLACKPINK still maintains its style, but the hair occupies the most “spotlight”. At noon on March 12, Lisa appeared at the airport and attracted attention. The youngest member of BLACKPINK wears a discreet and masterful outfit. Combining a blazer, black pants, and a T-shirt makes her elegant and personality. She did not forget to add a trendy handbag.
Lisa’s airport fashion style has never been reduced. However, what fans noticed the most was the female idol’s hair. The Thai-born beauties seem to have dyed their hair blonde brighter than in the past. Will this be her big shot when participating in an individual international schedule?
Dressed in a somewhat elegant and president-like outfit, Lisa’s expressions taking away the reporter’s lens are extremely lovely. Meeting fans at the airport, the youngest member of BLACKPINK constantly waved goodbye. Not only that, but she also released her heart to show her affection and appreciation.
Fans have high expectations for Lisa’s international schedule this time. Many information said that she would participate in Paris fashion week. Before that, Lisa once missed an appointment with this event, making fans disappointed and angry.



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