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Lisa – Blackpink surpassed Wonder Girls member with many new records.

Lisa – Blackpink made her solo debut on September 9, 2021; she also set up a Spotify account. Lisa’s account has currently collected more than 2.54 million followers on this music platform.
Lisa surpassed names like Taeyeon (SNSD) and fellow member Rosé (Blackpink) with this achievement. She also surpassed Sunmi to become the 3rd Kpop female solo artist in terms of the highest number of followers on Spotify.
In addition, Lisa also set a record when becoming the fastest K-pop artist to reach 1 million followers (breaking the previous record held by Rosé) and the fastest 2 million followers on Spotify.
Specifically, the milestones that female idols achieve fastest among Kpop female idols include: Reaching 1 million followers in 43 days and 18 hours, 1.1 million followers in 50 days and 18 hours, 1.2 million followers. Followed for 58 days and 18 hours, reached 1.3 million followers in 68 days and 18 hours, reached 1.4 million followers in 76 days and 22 hours, reached 1.5 million followers in 84 days and 23 hours, reached 1.6 million followed in 93 days 5 hours and 2 million followed in 132 days 8 hours.
Meanwhile, Sunmi was a girl group Wonder Girls member and left the group in January 2010.
Former Wonder Girls member once ranked 3rd out of 5 female Kpop idols with the most followers on Spotify platform (before being surpassed by Lisa). Sunmi earns more than 2.48 million followers on the Spotify music platform with the highest song, “Gashina,” with more than 152 million streams (streaming).



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