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Lisa can win even Blackpink, BTS, TWICE to bring home the Best Kpop award.

As reported, the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) 2022 has officially announced the list of bright candidates.
In particular, the thing that caught the audience’s attention the most was the Best Kpop award (Best Kpop Artist).
This year, BTS, Itzy, Seventeen, TWICE, Blackpink and female singer Lisa compete at this award. Accordingly, based on the list posted, Lisa is the only Kpop solo artist to compete with other groups.
So is she strong enough to overcome the above strong opponents?
Based on the nomination list, there is also Blackpink – the group that Lisa is working with. This situation has caused their fans to talk a lot about who they will vote for in this competition.
However, most people think it is advisable to vote for both Blackpink and Lisa to ensure fairness for the idol. Moreover, some fans think they are not too eager for their idol to win this award, but above all, they are looking at the girls’ journey.
Considering Lisa alone, the fact that she was nominated for the above award shows that her debut last year was extremely successful. Not long ago, she surpassed many famous names to win the Best Kpop award with the song “Lalisa” at the MTV VMAs (MTV Video Music Awards) 2022. She is the first female solo artist in the group. Kpop won an award in this category.
Although Lisa has a large fan base and seasoned achievements, getting her hands on the Best Kpop award (Best Kpop Artist) is really not easy for her. Because the remaining groups, like BTS, are all very strong and even considered top candidates.



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