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Lisa returns with a one-of-a-kind pants style that makes fans “round eyes and flat eyes.”

Lisa has an appearance that is like a living doll of K-pop. Even though she knows she’s beautiful no matter what she wears, fans are still “fazed” by her unique outfit. Thinking that the days of unique cut pants were over, Lisa was given a unique item by the stylist.
BLACKPINK held a concert from Korea to the West. In addition to the spectacularly staged stage, the four girls also brought fans a cool fashion party. However, Lisa made the audience couldn’t help but laugh with the one-of-a-kind pants.
Instead of wearing the usual style, Lisa’s jeans are very strange, waisted in one place, pants in one place, and connected by a belt loop. The design is unique, but when it comes to the youngest member, BLACKPINK still becomes perfect. Combining a corset with the same material, Lisa cleverly showed off her tiny waist and long legs in front of the camera.
Lisa’s pants were designed even more uniquely on the show’s second day in Los Angeles. On the trouser leg was cut a fairly long line and attached with countless flat pins. BLACKPINK’s stylist has been promoting this item for a long time, and now the level of creativity has reached a new peak, leaving the audience “out of words.”
Lisa’s outfit is strange but of great value. The jeans she wears, “mist,” are 475 USD. The corset model is even more expensive, up to 995 USD.
It is no coincidence that fans call Lisa “the queen of strange pants.” The stylist often gives her confusing outfits, such as the split tube, the missing side, and the pants in the pants.
Possessing a surreal, beautiful body with a ratio of 9:1, no matter how strange the costume design is, it is not difficult for Lisa. Thai beauties make the outfit more beautiful and create their color.
Lisa’s unique pants made fans couldn’t help but laugh. There is an old saying, “beautiful people because of silk,” but for the youngest member, BLACKPINK, it must be “beautiful silk for people.”



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