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Allegedly Will Comeback July 2022, Lisa Talks About BLACKPINK News Disbanding, Impact of Too Long Hiatus.

Recently, Lisa BLACKPINK cs did a photoshoot for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
Rolling Stone is a well-known music magazine in the United States.
BLACKPINK became the first Asian girl group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
Besides photo shoots, BLACKPINK also talked about many things in the June issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
Lisa, for example, spoke about concerns about BLACKPINK’s disbandment.
It has been more than two years since this girl group under the YG Entertainment agency BLACKPINK has a career in the music industry.
Their latest release is THE ALBUM which came out last October 2020.
After the album’s release, fans will have to look forward to their work several years later.
During the hiatus, the members focused on their solo activities.
However, because BLACKPINK’s hiatus was too long, many fans began to question whether the members would be disbanded.
It should be noted that BLACKPINK’s contract extension will be carried out in 2023.
“Has Lisa ever wondered what would happen if BLACKPINK disbanded one day?” asked a reporter for Rolling Stone quoted from Kpopstarz.
Answering the rumours of BLACKPINK disbanding, BLACKPINK’s Lisa admitted that she had never discussed it with other members.
“I don’t think we even talked about this (BLACKPINK disbanding) among ourselves,” said Lisa.
But Lisa admitted that the members had talked about each other’s dreams for the future.
Like Jisoo moving to Hawaii, then Lisa back to Thailand, but none of that they won’t be doing anytime soon.
Lisa even said she didn’t want to think about BLACKPINK’s disbandment yet.
“But I don’t want to think about the ending. This is too sad,” said the MONEY singer.
But Lisa knows that the active period of the BLACKPINK group will eventually end someday.
If that happens, the singer of the song LALALISA hopes to hold a reunion concert in the future, like the British girl group Spice Girls.
“One day we will get married and stuff like that but then I saw the Spice Girls how they got together for a reunion concert,” said Lisa
“Can we do it too someday? Will I be able to dance like now?” he said again.
It’s not just about BLACKPINK’s fate. Lisa herself isn’t sure what she will do when she is in her forties.
“I don’t know what I will do in my forties, I will still have good vibes, do different things, like now,” said Lisa.
Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is expected to make a comeback in July 2022.



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