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Looking at Hyun Bin’s latest photo, I can see how “pregnant wife” Son Ye Jin takes care of her husband.

On the morning of 24/7, Hyun Bin was at Incheon airport to depart for Milan, Italy, to take a fashion photo shoot. At the airport, the famous actor drew attention when he dressed in a trendy brown short-sleeved shirt and white pants. Korean media praised Hyun Bin’s appearance at the age of 40. Dispatch confirmed that Hyun Bin has a “sculptural” appearance.
According to many people, it seems that after getting married, Hyun Bin is getting better and better than before, which proves that he has married the right person. After the wedding, Hyun Bin continued with his busy work while Son Ye Jin focused on taking care of the pregnancy. And pregnant woman Son Ye Jin is not too free when she spends maternity days cooking for herself and her husband.
Many compliments are given to Son Ye Jin for her bravery and ingenuity in caring for her husband. On her page, Son Ye Jin regularly updates the dishes she prepared for her small family, making everyone feel warm.



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