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Looking at the successful “comeback” of Song Hye Kyo, divorced women should remember these six things.

The Glory 2 is a hugely successful movie worldwide, with a significant contribution from Song Hye Kyo as the leading actress. This marks her impressive return to the film industry after her marriage with Song Joong Ki ended in divorce.
Their sweet love story fascinated many, but only two years after their fairytale wedding, they went their separate ways. At that time, Song Hye Kyo remained calm and strong to overcome everything.
After the divorce, she did not change her schedule of attending media events, always appearing elegant and beautiful, never speaking about the reason for the divorce. Song Hye Kyo worked hard and did not let the aftermath of the divorce affect her spirit.
While her ex-husband is preparing to remarry, she remains single, still maintaining her grace and beauty, and achieving success with her new film.
Regarding her relationship with her ex-husband, she once said frankly, “I realized that in addition to love, many things need to be adjusted. After getting closer, I discovered that there were some personality issues that did not match. So, in reality, divorce is divorce, and breaking up is breaking up. There is no right or wrong in love.”
Strong and decisive, Song Hye Kyo sets an example for many women to love and prioritize themselves first.
No matter how painful the experience, we should never forget to push ourselves forward, love and treat ourselves well. Here are six things divorced women should do to quickly regain their spirits:
1. Take better care of your appearance
Trim your eyebrows, go to the spa, put on a face mask, take care of your skin, or do anything you want to change and improve your appearance positively. It will boost your confidence and improve your mood. For women, taking care of their appearance is also a way to regenerate energy to become more confident on their journey.
2. Enrich your inner self
Remember that inner beauty is eternal. Read books and magazines to enhance your knowledge and heal your wounded soul. Loving yourself means making yourself better every day. You can read more articles from successful people and see them as your direction and goal in life.
3. Exercise
Exercising and playing sports can help you forget your worries and bring about a good mood. When you have free time each week, take the time to go for a run or workout. It’s beneficial for your body and health. Furthermore, it’s also a way to stay in shape and feel more alive.
4. Let go of some responsibilities
Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to do. If possible, delegate some tasks to others to share the burden. Don’t bear it alone, try letting go of some responsibilities to have time to enjoy life.
The most important thing is to let go of grudges, and the attachments to the past that make you unhappy. Just like Song Hye Kyo once said: “Breaking up is breaking up, there’s no right or wrong in love.”
5. Date yourself
Why don’t you treat yourself to a fancy meal or plan an exciting itinerary for yourself? You deserve to be treated well.
6. Treat yourself well
You are often too hard on yourself. You always think that you’re not good enough, too fat, too skinny, too inadequate… Stop those thoughts. It’s the first step in treating yourself well.
Learn to relax, be kind to yourself. You can go for a manicure, buy new clothes or simply compliment yourself for being beautiful in the morning when you wake up and prepare to go to work. More than anyone else, you have to treat yourself well before expecting someone else to do the same for you.





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