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Losing a Child, Son Ye Jin is Almost Crazy in ‘The Truth Beneath’.

Son Ye Jin is now one of the Korean actresses whose career is shining. Moreover, she and Hyun Bin are waiting for their first child’s birth.
Son Ye Jin herself is now the youngest actress ever to win three major Korean awards, namely the Baeksang Arts Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the Grand Bell Film Awards. Despite being the ‘queen of melodrama’, Son Ye Jin never hesitates to try new, more challenging roles.
In 2016, Son Ye Jin starred in a thriller titled ‘The Truth Beneath.
In this film, she plays a mother who is trying hard to find the whereabouts of her missing daughter. This film ended up being one of the outstanding projects in Son Ye Jin’s career. Son Ye Jin plays Yeon Hong, a wife who dedicates herself to her beloved daughter.
She told the husband is in the election to become a member of the National Assembly, and they are known as a happy family. However, everything changed when her daughter suddenly disappeared. Yeon Hong has finally started to lose her sanity ever since the princess disappeared.
Not giving up, she then investigated the disappearance of the princess. She read every email, every line in her son’s diary and went to every friend in desperation.
And to make matters worse, her husband worries that the case of her missing son will affect her chances of winning the election.
This makes him never help his wife look for their child. The more Yeon Hong gets the clues, the more she discovers the terrible secret behind her son’s abduction.
While watching ‘The Truth Beneath’, viewers will be captivated by Son Ye Jin’s acting, primarily through her expressive eyes. Son Ye Jin was able to wow the audience throughout the film with her extraordinary portrayal of a mother. By acting in two films, ‘The Truth Beneath’ and ‘The Last Princess’, Son Ye Jin got nominations for the Best Actress category at various award ceremonies in Korea from 2016 – 2017.
Now Son Ye Jin will soon become a mother in the real world.
The gender of the child has not yet been disclosed to the public.



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