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Lovestagram Bae Suzy and Rose BLACKPINK are back on the lips, take a peek at the ‘evidence’ of dating the two.

Bae Suzy and Rose BLACKPINK are two top celebrities from South Korea.
BLACKPINK’s Bae Suzy and Rose are known to have great popularity in South Korea and internationally.
This makes Bae Suzy and Rose BLACKPINK often steal the attention of fans thanks to their activities.
One of them is a post uploaded by Bae Suzy and Rose through their Instagram social media.
But some time ago, fans were surprised by the similarity of Bae Suzy and Rose’s posts uploaded by the two.
A fan first shared it via an online forum Cafe Daum on March 20, 2022.
The post entitled ‘if it were a man and a woman, this dating rumor would explode at the beginning’ managed to steal attention.
In the information in it, there is some ‘evidence’ that shows two people who are intoxicated with love.
Bae Suzy and Rose even seemed to be on a date by visiting the same places.
Through uploading their respective Instagram accounts, Bae Suzy and Rose were seen giving various interconnected codes.
It’s no wonder that the fans were successfully excited by the various similarities displayed by Bae Suzy and Rose.
“Heol, that’s impossible, right?” commented one netizen who was surprised by the moment Bae Suzy and Rose BLACKPINK.
“If that’s the case, wouldn’t one of them follow?” wrote another netizen giving a response.
One of the poses that stole the most attention was when Bae Suzy and Rose were sitting on an airplane bench.
The position of the two even looks like they are side by side with the angle of the photo that seems to be taken by each other.
Not only that, but several portraits of BLACKPINK’s Rose posing on the stairs in a flower garden also stole the attention.
Bae Suzy seems to have uploaded a portrait that is precisely the same as the photo location used by Rose.
The difference is, this time, Lee Min Ho’s former lover only shared a portrait of the stairs without posing on it.
Fans who realized this were immediately excited and curious about whether Bae Suzy and Rose were giving a lovestagram code.
Even the most surprising thing was when Bae Suzy uploaded a photo of herself posing with a bottle of wine.
However, what made fans misfocus was the name on the wine bottle that read ROSE.
Suddenly the various similarities between Bae Suzy and Rose BLACKPINK succeeded in becoming a byword for fans.
Then in one of the uploads, Bae Suzy and Rose seemed to post a photo with the same caption.
Photos of the two were also uploaded simultaneously and made fans even more curious about their similarities.
What do you think, if both male and female, there will be a dating scandal like what netizens say?



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