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Many people can’t help but envy Son Ye Jin’s life, being pampered by her husband.

Recently, Son Ye Jin announced she was pregnant with her first child with actor Hyun Bin, making the public happy. She wrote: “Today, I intend to announce this good news to everyone carefully. A new life has come to us. Grateful to you, but because of caution, it has not been possible until now. Before it’s too late, we want to inform the fans and those around us who are waiting for this news like us. We will protect this precious life well. Wishing everyone good health and will also protect the precious things in each person’s life.”
Immediately after, a large audience congratulated the actress’ family. The public believes the couple’s child will be as beautiful as a picture with lovely parents. Notice that, just by showing a few small actions, the audience can see how delicate and psychological Hyun Bin is with his wife.
In addition, Hyun Bin is very obedient to his wife and pampers his wife. He drove his wife to work and go out. Whenever he appeared in public, he was the one who always followed and took care of his wife every inch, little by little. While pregnant, although she did not post it directly, through the actions shared by Son Ye Jin, it was enough to understand that her husband pampered her like a queen. Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin is enjoying a happy married life and is about to welcome a baby angel. Talking about her partner, Son Ye Jin said, “Although I don’t know how to say it, I think I should say something to you guys. I feel a little shy and strange. It’s so grateful to meet you. A good person like him, I will try to make everything good. I will always keep in my heart your precious love and support for me.”



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