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March K-pop Girl Group Chart: Blackpink leads but high negative.

This chart is determined through big data collected from February 13, 2022, to March 13, 2022, from many idol girl groups, based on the frequency of participating in activities the coverage on television. Information, social network index, community activities…
This month, Blackpink continued to maintain the top position with a total score of 4,152,893, despite a decrease of 15.49% compared to the previous month.
Phrases that rank high in the group’s keyword analysis include “overseas schedules”, “fashion”, and “models”; with related words usually “released”, “recovered”, and “selected”.
However, Blackpink’s positive and negative analysis shows that only 67.89% of the group is positive.
Second, on the chart is Apink, with a score “equal to” Blackpink of 3,901,932 (up 51.55% compared to February). Next, SNSD was in third place with a brand reputation index of 3,390,267 (up 34.64%).
Finally, Twice and Red Velvet took No.4 and No.5, respectively.
6 to 10 belong to Oh My Girl, Aespa, StayC, Mamamoo and IVE, respectively.



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