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“Marry My Husband” Park Min Young has shared a new behind-the-scenes video of the cast hard at work.

The latest making-of video for “Marry My Husband” begins with Na In Woo’s admiration for Park Min Young’s new short hairstyle. His comments reflect genuine appreciation, as he notes, “Both [long and short hair] suit her well. She looks pretty wearing glasses and without glasses.” Park Min Young playfully responds, “He learned well,” indicating a light-hearted rapport. Na In Woo adds, “She comes in every day with barely any makeup. She’s pretty,” highlighting Park Min Young’s natural beauty.

As the cast delves into the intricacies of filming each scene, their commitment and creativity become evident. Lee Yi Kyung, known for his playful nature, contributes detailed suggestions to enrich his character and elevate the scenes. His approach adds a layer of depth and nuance, suggesting a strong understanding of his role.

During a shoot with Choi Gyu Ri, Park Min Young commends Choi’s confident acting, remarking, “You’re doing such a good job.” Overwhelmed by the compliment, Choi Gyu Ri admits, “I’m so embarrassed that I’m sweating.” This exchange showcases the supportive and encouraging environment on set.

Park Min Young also shares insights into filming the characters’ past school days. She clarifies, “I didn’t know I would be wearing a school uniform. I’m saying this so people don’t misunderstand, but I said from the beginning that I wouldn’t play high school Ji Won.” This statement reflects her dedication to portraying her character authentically.

The arrival of Highlight’s Lee Gikwang on set brings attention to the impressive transformation of the actors into their high school versions. Lee Gikwang points out the subtlety of Park Min Young’s wig, a testament to the high-quality production and the actors’ ability to convincingly depict their characters’ younger selves.

Throughout the filming process, the cast’s commitment to excellence is palpable. They frequently suggest multiple takes to ensure their performance meets their high standards. This dedication underscores their deep commitment to bringing the drama to life with authenticity and finesse.

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