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Media Exposes Different Treatment of Jungkook BTS & Jennie BLACKPINK by Calvin Klein

Jungkook has officially been appointed as a global icon of Calvin Klein. Before the BTS member, the luxury brand had previously collaborated with many South Korean celebrities, one of whom was Jennie BLACKPINK.
However, Jungkook and Jennie apparently received different treatment from Calvin Klein. TongTongCulture media in their latest YouTube video revealed the different behavior of the American brand towards Jungkook and other models.
TongTongCulture initially revealed two of Jungkook’s videos uploaded on Calvin Klein’s Instagram had surpassed 1 million views. “Including Jennie, if we compare the number of views with other models, it’s about 10 times more,” the media said.
The media revealed that Calvin Klein gave different treatment to Jungkook in their Instagram Highlight. Even Jennie’s, which was the concept of the photoshoot, did not mention the idol’s name but was written as “On Set”.
“If other models have concepts as titles (Highlight), Jungkook uses his own name. ‘Without any description, Jungkook is all you need,’ is displayed on the official Calvin Klein page,” the media added.
Cedric Murac, the Global Creative Head of Calvin Klein, was also said to have followed Jungkook’s personal Instagram account before it was deleted. Jungkook directly conveyed his appointment as a Calvin Klein model during a broadcast on Weverse.
“I love Calvin (Klein) so much. Personally, if I get a chance to do something, I’ll do something I really like. Something I buy with my own money, and I’m happy to wear it, that’s what I do,” said Jungkook.
TongTongCulture then highlighted the giant billboard of Jungkook installed on Soho New York Street, which used to feature billboards of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. According to Calvin Klein, they will place a large Jungkook picture on the streets of Korea.



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