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Moon Ga Young opened up in an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Korea about her journey in both fashion and acting.

Actress Moon Ga-young, known for her remarkable performances since her days as a child actor, recently opened up in an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Korea about her journey in both fashion and acting. Reflecting on her school days, Moon Ga-young shared a glimpse into her early fashion choices and her evolution as an actress.

Fashionista in the Making
During her school years, Ga-young was particular about her uniform. “I wore uniforms neatly… I never wore gums, no matter how cold it was,” she recalled. This dedication to her appearance was a sign of the budding fashionista within her. She expressed her youthful stubbornness, opting for skin-colored stockings instead of black ones in winter, embodying a fashion-forward mindset despite the cold.

Acting: A Path of Constant Exploration
When discussing her acting career, Moon Ga-young described the craft as both daunting and endlessly fascinating. “It is terrible and there is no right answer,” she commented on the charm of acting, emphasizing the continuous exploration and challenges it brings.

Remembering ‘The Great Tempter’
Reflecting on ‘The Great Tempter’, a role that won her the Excellence Award at the 2018 ‘MBC Drama Awards’, Ga-young reminisced about the intense filming schedule. “Until then, there were no restrictions on filming all night long, so I stayed up all night a lot,” she shared, recalling the camaraderie with her peers which made the challenging shoots enjoyable.

Bonding Over ‘The Man in Memory’
Her experience on ‘The Man in Memory’ was particularly memorable. “It was a happy scene,” Ga-young said, highlighting the strong bond formed with other actors. This special connection continues, as they still meet each other outside of work.

Bold Styling Choices
Recently, Moon Ga-young has been exploring bold fashion choices, such as crops and backless outfits. She humorously admitted that some of her social media posts, made in moments of confidence, later seem like impulsive decisions. “The more I learn about myself, the more I am interested in the strengths of my body,” she explained, indicating a shift in her personal style preferences.

Moon Ga-young’s journey from a disciplined schoolgirl to a celebrated actress and fashion icon is a testament to her dedication and evolving personal style. Her willingness to explore and embrace new challenges both in her acting and fashion choices continues to captivate her audience and fans around the world.

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