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More behind-the-scenes images from “The Glory” were released: Song Hye Kyo is incisive and marred with wounds.

Song Hye Kyo takes a new stride in The Glory because she no longer portrays the idealized and attractive female protagonist in a love narrative. Instead, the actress shows the character Moon Dong Eun’s inner self, who is a person who has been severely wounded as a result of school violence.
Song Hye Kyo stops flaunting her immaculate beauty and fancy clothing and turns into a prickly character on a quest to get revenge on people who tormented her as a youngster. The Glory indirectly explores the issue “Does glory truly exist in revenge?” with dramatic twists.
Some behind-the-scenes photos were also made public as if to raise the stakes for the movie. Song Hye Kyo made an appearance with a severely damaged body. This iteration demonstrates that the actress has ventured outside of her acting “comfort zone.”
Song Hye Kyo’s return had a fresh feel because to her acting, which focused on her eyes, facial gestures, and clothing in only two shades of white and black. Like Song Hye Kyo’s earlier works, The Glory does not place an excessive emphasis on love tales.
The Glory part 1’s eight episodes mostly provide viewers with a summary of Moon Dong Eun’s history and the “opening” phase of the vengeance plot. The following chapter of the movie promises to provide the dramatic specifics of the conflict between the two opposing forces of good and evil.
The Glory climbed to third position on Netflix’s list of the top 10 international (non-English speaking) TV programs after three days of availability. In March of this year, Part 2 of the complex, painstaking retaliation plan will be made public.



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