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My Demon Episode 8: The Viral Sweet Interaction of Kim Yoo Jung& Song Kang Melts Hearts!

The eighth episode of the hit series “My Demon” has taken the internet by storm, especially due to the sweet kiss shared between Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang. This scene, hailed for its extraordinary beauty, has left viewers utterly smitten.

“My Demon” has quickly climbed to the top of trending topics on social media following the airing of Episode 8. This particular installment sees Do Do Hee (played by Kim Yoo Jung) no longer shying away from embraces, holding hands, and even sharing a bed with Gu Won.

The highlight of the episode, and indeed what has captured the audience’s heart, is the tender kiss between Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang at the end of Episode 8. Do Hee, feeling on the brink of giving up due to the continuous harm her loved ones suffer because of her, seeks solace in her mother’s garden, isolating herself there.

Gu Won, portrayed by Song Kang, arrives, unwilling to let everything end this way. When Do Hee expresses her fear that Gu Won might die because of her, he steps forward to kiss his beloved girl. In this moment, the garden’s automatic sprinklers turn on, creating an incredibly romantic scene.

Currently, the kiss scene between Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung is widely circulating on social media. Viewers are not just overwhelmed by the emotion of this beautifully shot sequence but are also praising everything from the camera angles, setting, music, to the slow-motion technique used in the scene. This combination has created a flawlessly captivating scene that has left viewers sleepless and utterly melted.

“My Demon,” available on Netflix, has garnered significant attention from viewers, with Episode 8 achieving a high rating of 4.7 percent. This is particularly impressive given that the series competes with other weekend dramas like “Welcome to Samdalri,” “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,” and several others.

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