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“My Demon” has released its first teaser, Sweet moment Song Kang Shields Kim Yoo Jung.

SBS’s latest Friday-Saturday drama, “My Demon,” has released its first teaser, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the intriguing world of this upcoming fantasy rom-com. The series introduces us to a unique love story involving a demon-like chaebol heiress, Do Do Hee (played by Kim Yoo Jung), and a demon named Jung Gu Won (brought to life by Song Kang). As they enter into a contractual marriage, this drama promises a blend of fantasy and romance that is sure to captivate viewers.

Kim Yoo Jung takes on the role of Do Do Hee, the heiress to the prestigious Mirae Group, who, despite her lofty status, harbors a deep-seated distrust of others. It is within this complex backdrop that she unexpectedly falls in love with a demon. Song Kang’s character, Jung Gu Won, is set to undergo a striking transformation, portraying the enigmatic and irresistibly charming demon who has lived for eternity, striking perilous yet sweet bargains with humans in exchange for their souls.

On October 12, “My Demon” treated eager fans to a sneak peek at the heart-fluttering romance blossoming between Do Do Hee and Jung Gu Won. In the teaser, Jung Gu Won, clad entirely in black, gallantly holds an umbrella above Do Do Hee’s head as she gazes at him with a hint of astonishment. Even as the rain soaks through the fabric of his suit, Jung Gu Won shields Do Do Hee from the downpour, symbolizing the protective bond that will evolve between the two central characters.

SBS’s “My Demon” is set to make its debut on November 24 at 10 p.m. KST. With the anticipation building, fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere to delve into this unique and magical love story. Stay tuned for updates as this extraordinary drama unfolds its captivating tale.

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