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“My Lovely Boxer” Unveils Captivating Teaser for Highly Anticipated Sports Drama!

The much-awaited sports drama, “My Lovely Boxer,” has treated fans to an exciting new teaser that promises an intense and thrilling storyline. Based on the novel “My Lovely Boxer Lee Kwon Sook” penned by the talented Choo Jong Nam, the winner of the prestigious Kyobo Bookstore Story Contest, the drama is set to take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The narrative revolves around the extraordinary boxer Lee Kwon Sook, portrayed by the talented Kim So Hye, and the unscrupulous agent Kim Tae Young, played by the versatile Lee Sang Yeob. Tae Young, driven by a relentless pursuit of wealth and success, has no qualms about getting involved in match-fixing schemes. As the tension escalates, the story introduces WINNER’s very own Kim Jin Woo in the role of Han Jae Min, Kwon Sook’s first love interest and the vice principal of a preschool.

The teaser opens with an electrifying fight scene where Kwon Sook finds herself compelled to accept an offer from Kim Tae Young, intending to retire from boxing forever. Simultaneously, Tae Young falls into a cunning trap set by the match fixer Kim Oh Bok, played by Park Ji Hwan, and ventures deeper into the treacherous world of match-fixing to save pitcher Kim Hee Won, portrayed by Choi Jae Woong.

Amidst the gripping storyline, Tae Young confronts Kwon Sook and expresses his desire to meet her. He urges her to participate in just two matches, spanning three months, promising that he will then leave her life completely. As he delves into the reasons behind Kwon Sook’s decision to quit boxing, Tae Young manages to gradually win her heart, setting in motion a dangerous game of emotions and secrets.

Beyond the high-stakes realm of match-fixing, “My Lovely Boxer” also tantalizes viewers with a captivating love triangle involving Lee Kwon Sook, her first love Han Jae Min (Kim Jin Woo), and the complexities of her relationship with her father, Lee Chul Yong (Kim Hyung Mook). These elements introduce intriguing layers to the narrative, leaving audiences pondering potential misunderstandings between the characters.

Adding to the drama’s intensity, a tense rivalry unfolds between sports agent Jung Soo Yeon, portrayed by Ha Seung Ri, and her rival Kim Tae Young. Jung Soo Yeon warns Kwon Sook about Tae Young, hinting at possible conflicts and betrayals to come. Inside the ring, champion Han Ah Reum (Chae Won Bin) fiercely clashes with Kwon Sook, heightening the suspense and anticipation for what lies ahead.

“My Lovely Boxer” is set to deliver a gripping tale of ambition, love, and the complexities of human relationships. With its stellar cast and compelling plot, the drama promises to be a must-watch for all fans of sports dramas and captivating storytelling. Mark your calendars for the premiere, as “My Lovely Boxer” is gearing up to take the television screens by storm!

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