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Nam Goong Min Crowned Most Beloved Actor of 2023, Surpassing Song Hye Kyo.

According to a Gallup Korea survey, Nam Goong Min has emerged as 2023’s most beloved actor with a commanding 20.2% of the votes.

Nam Goong Min’s Impressive Turn in ‘Beloved’

Best known as the “Villain Heartthrob” for his portrayal of antagonistic roles in shows like “The Girl Who Can See Smells,” “Memories,” and “Doctor Prisoner,” Nam Goong Min has reinvented himself with his recent role in MBC’s successful historical drama, “Beloved.”

“Beloved” has been highly acclaimed for its strong cast, gripping storyline, and impressive end-of-run ratings. In this series, Nam Goong Min’s portrayal of the gallant and righteous nobleman Lee Jang Hyun has won widespread praise. Viewers have expressed that they find it hard to imagine anyone else filling the roles of Nam Goong Min and Ahn Eun Ji in “Beloved.”

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki in Prominent Positions

Following in the top 5 beloved actors list are Park Eun Bin (6.4%), Song Hye Kyo (6.3%), Ahn Eun Ji (5.6%), and Song Joong Ki with 3.2% of the votes. Notably, Song Hye Kyo’s performance in the Netflix series “The Glory” marked a significant pivot from her previous, less well-received role in the 2021 romantic drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up.”

Park Eun Bin, after her resounding success in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” has risen to new heights, moving from the top position last year to the second this year. Song Joong Ki, known for his “rivalry” with Song Hye Kyo in revenge-themed dramas and his recent film “Hopeless,” continues to explore different facets of his acting, contributing to his popularity in 2023.

A Year of Remarkable Shifts in Acting

The shifts in acting styles and role choices have significantly influenced the popularity of these actors in 2023. With his transformative performance in “Beloved,” Nam Goong Min not only sheds his villainous typecast but also secures his position as the year’s most beloved actor, underscoring the dynamic and evolving landscape of Korean drama acting.

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