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Nam Ji Hyun Touched by RM BTS Support for Drama Little Women.

Nam Ji Hyun became emotional after getting support from boy group member BTS, RM, when she starred in the drama Little Women.
She conveyed this during a face-to-face interview at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, early last October.
“My friend told me about BTS RM’s SNS post where he said he enjoyed watching our drama,” he said, as quoted by KBIZoom.
The BTS leader uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram Story after watching the drama Little Women on Monday (3/10/2022).
“That’s super super interesting…” RM wrote on the photo.
Furthermore, Nam Ji Hyun revealed that she was grateful that many people enjoyed the drama.
“I received a lot of calls from people around me. I was so happy that my schoolmates, fellow actors, directors, and PDs called me after the first broadcast,” she said.
The drama Little Women became one of Nam Ji-Hyun’s most successful dramas.
Nam Ji-Hyun’s other popular dramas include The Witch’s Dinner (2021), Repeat The Year (2020), 100 Days My Prince (2018), and Suspicious Partner (2017).
Through the drama Little Women, Nam Ji-Hyun plays the character Oh In-Kyung, one of three brothers who work as a journalist.
She co-starred with several top actors and actresses, including Kim Go-Eun and Wi Ha-Joon.
Nam Ji-Hyun revealed that she had a resemblance to the character Oh In-Kyung.
“From a certain point of view, I think you could say we’re similar in the way we consistently do one thing,” she said.
She realized this when her college friend said that she ‘expresses opinions about something she doesn’t think is right, like the character Oh In-Kyung.
Launching Soompi, the drama Little Women officially ends in 8 episodes on Sunday (9/10/2022). The last episode of Little Women reached the highest rating of the other episodes.
According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode of Little Women scored an average nationwide rating of 11.1 per cent.
In addition, Little Women also took first place in the time slot of all cable TV channels and set a new personal record for the drama.



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