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Make Proud! Nam Joo Hyuk used to be bullied, his dream of becoming a model was laughed at, now he’s actually a famous actor.

Korean drama lovers (Drakor) must be familiar with Nam Joo Hyuk’s handsome actor.
Yes, Nam Joo Hyuk is currently known as a talented and famous young actor in South Korea.
Nam Joo Hyuk made his debut as a runway model in 2013; he is known as one of the models who is also a successful actor.
Nam Joo Hyuk has also played many dramas since 2014. Even some of the dramas he has played have received relatively high ratings.
The actor’s name, born on February 22, 1994, skyrocketed when he starred in ”Start Up”, which aired in October 2020.
Nam Joo Hyuk shines even more in the drama Start Up, which raises the story of a romantic drama telling the life of a young man who is trying to start a startup business or start-up.
In the series ”Start Up”, Nam Joo Hyuk collided with Kim Seon Ho, Bae Suzy, and Kang Han Na.
After successfully starring in the drama ”Start Up”, he is now starring in the new drama ”Twenty-Five Twenty-One”.
”Twenty-Five Twenty-One” is Nam Joo Hyuk’sHyuk’s new drama whose episodes are still running, and the plan is to end until episode 16.
This drama tells the story of young people who struggle to achieve their dreams amid the crisis that hit South Korea.
In the series ”Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, Nam Joo Hyuk collided with Kim Tae Ri, Bona WJSN, Choi Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Myung.
Even until entering its 11th latest episode, the drama ”Twenty-Five Twenty-One” again led the ratings on South Korean television, remaining stable ahead of other drakes with an average rating of 10.9%.
Judging from the success of Nam Joo Hyuk, who would have thought that before getting his current fame, it turns out that this K-Drama actor has swallowed a sad story.
Where Nam Joo Hyuk’sHyuk’s dream to become a model at that time had become the laughing stock of his classmates when he was still in junior high school.
Launching Lovekpop95 Tuesday (1/3/2022), Nam Joo Hyuk revealed this when he was a guest star on the tvN show ”Unexpected Business”.
On the tvN television program’ program’ Unexpected Business”, Nam Joo Hyuk reminisced about his school days while talking about his career as a model.
He revealed that his classmates laughed at him for hearing that he dreamed of becoming a model.
While sitting around a table in a restaurant during a break, Nam Joo Hyuk was asked how he debuted as a model.
Nam Joo Hyuk started his story by saying that studying was not his priority.
He admits that he likes basketball more than having to fight for his grades in academics.
“When I was in school, I realized that studying wasn’t for me. I used to be a junior basketball player, so studying wasn’t my priority,” said Nam Joo Hyuk.
Furthermore, Nam Joo Hyuk said he was forced to stop playing basketball because of an injury.
“But then I had to stop playing basketball because of my injury, and it was difficult to catch up with the others.”
Later, Nam Joo Hyuk said he started dreaming of becoming a model and revealed this to his classmates.
Not without reason, Nam Joo Hyuk admitted that he wanted to be a model because he didn’t like the academic field.
However, Nam Joo Hyuk continued to tell; his friends laughed as if mocking his dream.
“One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I had to share what I wanted in the future with my class. I said I wanted to be a model, and everyone laughed at me,” recalls Nam Joo Hyuk.
Nam Joo Hyuk continued, amid the ridicule of his classmates at the time, he remained determined and would prove that he could succeed as a model.
“At that point, I thought, ”You know what? I’m going to be a model. I will show you all that I can do it. I will be a model in three years,” she said.
With the hard work of the actor who debuted as a model at the age of 20, he finally succeeded in proving his words at that time to his friends.
“Then, three years later, I became a model. I achieved my goal and worked hard for it. Whatever other people think of them, I keep moving forward. That’sThat’s how I achieve my dream” concluded Nam Joo Hyuk.
A little information, Nam Joo Hyuk started his career as a model after winning the Top Model contest sponsored by K-Plus, the model agency under YG Entertainment.
After winning the model contest, Nam Joo Hyuk was offered an exclusive contract at the leading modeling agency until finally being flooded with offers as a K-Drama actor to date.



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