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Nearly a month after the wedding of the century with Hyun Bin, the bride’s farewell party for the single life of Son Ye Jin was revealed.

On a recent personal page, actress Lee Jung Hyun – Son Ye Jin’s best friend revealed photos at the farewell party of his wife Hyun Bin’s single life.
This is a party held “2 in 1” when celebrating the birth of Lee Jung Hyun’s first child and farewell to Son Ye Jin’s single life.
In her post, Lee Jung Hyun wrote, “Thank you so much, sisters, who are always there to protect me. I’m thrilled. Ye Jin also celebrated the farewell party of her single life. Me too. Preparing to welcome the little being. We celebrated the two happiness that day together.”
Notably, in the decoration on the cake with Son Ye Jin’s image, there is also the line: “Let’s live well with Comrade Ri Jeong Hyuk… Happy Ending”.
Through these images, it can be seen that Son Ye Jin’s bachelor party was held quite simply and without fuss. On March 31, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin held a private and private wedding. However, this is considered a wedding of the century and attracts attention from media and fans worldwide.



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