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Netizens are ecstatic as Baekhyun EXO posts cute childhood pics!

Baekhyun EXO shared a childhood picture of himself on his social media site. His picture also succeeded in piqueing the interest of netizens.
The EXO member is expected to finish the military service program he is presently enrolled in shortly.
Baekhyun, who is launching Soompi on Sunday (12/18/2022), recently turned to Twitter to count down the days till the end of his military duty.
Baekhyun tweeted a lovely childhood picture of himself to his Twitter account on December 18th, precisely 50 days before his enlistment celesia.
“Not much time left…!!????,” Baekhyun EXO wrote.
The snapshot shows a tiny version of Baekhyun with wrinkled brows and a scowl at the camera.
The snapshot drew the attention of not just her Twitter followers, but also the entire public in Korean online groups.
“Hey Byun Baekhyun, have you returned from the military?” commented netizens.
“Wow, I’m so envious… he only has two months,” another netizen said.
“Isn’t he in the military for the last 300 years? “When will he return?” and “This is insane… I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him “Another was written.
Meanwhile, Baekhyun began his military duty on May 6, 2021.



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