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Netizens are suspicious of Son Ye Jin being pregnant with twins just because of a special act of the pregnant mother.

It was a relationship many years ago, but it was not until they combined in “Crash Landing on You”, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, that the audience “pushed the boat” enthusiastically. After a period of dating, the couple officially “returned to the same house” with a discreet wedding at the end of March 2022. Less than three months later, Korea’s “national first love” announced her pregnancy, surprising people.
Recently, on her personal Instagram, Hyun Bin’s wife shared a picture of a four-leaf clover and a rainbow with the caption: “Good luck to you all”.
While many netizens congratulated the U40 pregnant mother, many netizens “guess the old and guess the young” about the meaning of the photo that Son Ye Jin posted. Some comments from the audience: “It is estimated that the goddess is announcing pregnancy-related things. Is she pregnant with two children?”, “The four-leaf clover represents a real family of four. Happy! If it’s true that you’re pregnant with twins, that’s great”… On the contrary, others said that the actress’s post coincides with the release of the new drama “Confidential Assignment 2: International” (Reluctant Associate 2)” played by Hyun Bin. Hence, it’s likely that this is just a sweet encouragement she gives to her “other half”.
Since confirming her pregnancy, Son Ye Jin has hardly been active in art as before. The beauty born in 1982 spends most of her time cooking at home and caring for her health. However, every move of Hyun Bin’s wife received special attention from the audience, showing her solid position in the Korean entertainment industry and Asia in general. It is known that thanks to previously signed advertising contracts, even though Son Ye Jin is pregnant, she still has a huge income that is not inferior to any A-list star at present.



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