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New Developments in the Alleged School Violence Case Involving Song Hye Kyo’s Co-Star.

Recently, an audio recording of a phone call between actress Song Hye Kyo, known for her role in “The Glory,” and a person who claims to have been a victim of violence by Kim Hieora, was publicly disclosed by Dispatch. However, Kim Hieora’s management company has come forward, stating that the audio recording was improperly edited.

This phone call took place on September 8th, following allegations of past violent behavior by the actress. In the conversation, the alleged victim questioned Kim Hieora about whether she admitted to the acts of violence, and Kim Hee-ra did admit to them, expressing remorse. This conversation has raised further suspicion among the public regarding Kim Hieora’s involvement in school violence, something she had vehemently denied to the media.

Gram Entertainment, Kim Hieora’s management company, has responded by claiming that the audio recording was edited. They have promised to reveal the undisclosed portions and have announced their intention to issue a legal statement to address the situation.

The company also revealed that the phone call between Kim Hieora and the other party was an exclusive production of a media outlet. Individual A, who participated in the phone call, recorded it as part of providing information to the media and intentionally mentioned things that were not verifiable. Furthermore, the actress from “The Glory” neither acknowledged nor agreed to the other person’s requests.

Previously, Dispatch reported allegations that Kim Hieora had been involved in a schoolgirl gang during her time at Sangji Girls’ High School. However, the actress has denied all accusations of school violence, smoking, or extortion. She clarified that these allegations were untrue. Some of Kim Hieora’s fellow actors and classmates have expressed their support and defended her reputation.

Sangji Girls’ High School, Kim Hieora’s alma mater, has also denied any reports of school violence on its premises this year and emphasized that it had no connection to Kim Hieora. They also expressed regret that their school’s reputation had been tarnished by inaccurate news.

Born in 1989, Kim Hieora began her career as a musical actress before transitioning to television in 2021. In 2023, she made a strong impression with her role in “The Glory,” where she portrayed a bully who led a delinquent lifestyle and eventually faced consequences after many years.

Kim Hieora is known for her versatile acting skills, having taken on various roles in addition to “The Glory,” including “Hospital Playlist” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” This scandal marks the first controversy in her career and is having a significant impact on the image and future of the 34-year-old star.

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