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‘New love’ Song Joong Ki just appeared and was said to lose to Song Hye Kyo.

After Descendants of the Sun and Vincenzo, Reborn Rich is a project expected to extend Song Joong Ki’s achievements in the Kbiz film industry.
Propaganda publications between Song Joong Ki and his co-star Shin Hyun Bin in the film received many compliments and criticisms from the audience right after they were spread.
The public thinks that the chemistry between Song Joong Ki and the “new love” is quite faint, unlike when the actor collaborated with Song Hye Kyo or Jeon Yeo Bin.
Specifically, the Reborn Rich crew has just shared a personal teaser of the character Seo Min Young played by Shin Hyun Bin. The mysterious conversation between Min Young and Song Joong Ki’s character quickly became the center of attention.
In the clip, the two “aunts and uncles” sit across from each other to discuss the thrilling revenge story between the male lead and Sun Yang Group. Although the conversation lasted only a few brief seconds, it was enough to understand the two’s tangled relationship. The clip received great attention from netizens as soon as it went viral.
On film discussion forums, most of the public expressed their excitement about the content of Reborn Rich. Through the conversation between the two key characters in the film, the audience guessed that this inheritance battle would be extremely intense.
Besides, netizens also gave “winged” compliments to the beauty and aura of the couple Song Joong Ki – Shin Hyun Bin.
In addition, some people feel worried because they can’t feel the couple’s chemistry and are afraid that Shin Hyun Bin’s acting will be the factor that “breaks the team.”
Although it is unknown whether the couple has a “loveline,” many people realize that Song Joong Ki has not created the same good chemistry as his previous co-stars, typically Song Hye Kyo.
However, the chemistry of the Descendants of the Sun couple is hard to find in later projects, so the audience thinks this comparison is lame. Currently, the combination of Song Joong Ki and “new love” receives great attention from the audience.
According to information from the media, the drama “Reborn Rich” will be broadcast from November 18 to every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. The film will be shown on JTBC cable station, and the audience can watch Song Joong Ki’s new “brainchild” on several platforms that have purchased the broadcasting rights.



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