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New love Song Joong Ki was boycotted for destroying the movie Reborn Rich.

Reborn Rich is the most discussed Korean drama at the moment. The drama has just made a “terrible” achievement with a nationwide rating of 19.5% in episode 8 and is expected to increase further in the near future. Recently, Shin Hyun Bin – Song Joong Ki’s female co-star in the film was “sacrificed” on the film forum because of his lack of progress, lack of progress after many projects, leaving his teammates and the script to “burden his back.” in the new movie.
The revenge-themed drama “Reborn Rich” marks the first collaboration between Song Joong Ki and the “big girl” Shin Hyun Bin. While the film was receiving many positive reviews, Shin Hyun Bin was suddenly “stoned” by the audience for his poor performance next to ex-husband Song Hye Kyo.
Specifically, in a social media post, a “movie nerd” expressed his disappointment with Shin Hyun Bin. This person said that the actress did not have any progress in expression and acting from the time she played a supporting role in Hospital Playlist to Reborn Rich. Even in every project that has the opportunity to participate, Shin Hyun Bin is likened to a film’s flaw.
The actress makes viewers tired because her acting is awkward, the radio and the way she reads the lines are all unstable. Besides, her crying scene is also considered to be lifeless, unable to express the depth of the character’s mood. The blogger’s post has not yet received a response from the actors involved, but quickly became the focus of discussion from netizens.
Accordingly, most of the public expressed their agreement with the blogger’s statement and said that Shin Hyun Bin is acting in one color from one movie to another. Besides, there are people who defend that Shin Hyun Bin is an actor who can’t be too demanding on acting. They noticed that her lack of acting was partly due to the way the character was built and the original script of the film.
Some comments from the audience:
– I’ve never criticized anyone, but she really annoys me, after 3 projects, she never improved.
– The “reporting” factor in Reborn Rich is her, I thought I would quit watching because her acting was so boring.
– Blogger speaks for my heart, acting is indescribably boring, watching movies but just hoping the male lead doesn’t love her.
– During Hospital Playlist, I liked all the cast, except for this unnie.
The movie “Reborn Rich” is expected to break the 20% rating mark in the coming episodes and gradually enter the golden record of Korean television. The film will air every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings on JTBC, except for some days that have to be stopped due to the World Cup.



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