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NEW! Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Prepares for Baby Alkong’s First Birthday Celebration.

Exciting news recently emerged from the beloved celebrity couple, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, as the world got a glimpse into their family life. Son Ye Jin, who had previously been somewhat private about her personal life, took to her Instagram account on the 26th to share her preparations for her son’s upcoming first birthday celebration.

In a heartwarming post, Son Ye Jin shared a photo of herself alongside her friends, all dressed in traditional Korean clothing. The caption simply read, “thank you.” While it was a seemingly ordinary moment, what caught the attention of fans and followers was the possibility that these photos might have been taken in anticipation of her son’s special milestone.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s love story began when they were connected through the 2018 movie “Negotiation” and the 2019 TV drama “Crash Landing on You.” After publicly acknowledging their relationship in 2020, the couple decided to tie the knot after a year and two months of dating. Their journey as a married couple took a significant turn when they welcomed their son in November of last year, officially becoming a family of three.

Son Ye Jin, who occasionally shares glimpses of her daily life on her Instagram account, recently appeared as a guest on a YouTube channel, where she openly discussed her experiences as a new mother. During the interview, she was asked about whom their child resembles, to which she responded with a smile, “Many people say that he looks strangely like both of us. They say he got my eyes and nose, but he looks more like his dad now. Baby’s faces keep changing, and they say, at the moment, he looks more like me, which I prefer.”

As the news of Baby Alkong’s upcoming first birthday celebration spreads, fans and well-wishers around the world are already eagerly anticipating the festivities set to take place on November 27. The beautiful couple’s journey from co-stars to a loving family of three has captured the hearts of many, and this joyful occasion is sure to be a momentous celebration of their happiness.

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