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No longer a rumor, Son Ye Jin officially reaps the ‘sweet fruit’ after a year of staying home to care for her child.

The entertainment world is abuzz with excitement as Son Ye Jin, the beloved actress, makes a triumphant return after a year-long hiatus devoted to motherhood. Fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting updates from Son Ye Jin, and recent developments have not disappointed.

On November 24th, two stunning new looks of Son Ye Jin dominated social media, showcasing her in two completely different styles, both elegant and sweet. Remarkably, her youthful appearance and harmonious facial features seem virtually unchanged post-pregnancy.

Accompanying these photos was a piece of delightful news from Son Ye Jin herself. After a year of nurturing her newborn, she has bagged her first major contract, officially becoming the brand ambassador for a luxury global brand. This marks her significant comeback into the showbiz after over a year, following her previous role as the muse for Valentino, alongside Chinese actress Duong Tu.

Son Ye Jin’s Stylish Discretion Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

Later that evening, Son Ye Jin was spotted at the airport, returning from a business trip in the USA. This appearance comes amidst swirling rumors of her second pregnancy, sparked by her slightly fuller figure and rounder face. Despite these speculations, Son Ye Jin continues to opt for attire that discreetly covers her midsection. Additionally, she took extra care to avoid undue attention by wearing a hat and mask. Yet, even with such cautious attire, her cheerful disposition and iconic smiling eyes were evident as she waved to the press and fans.

The ongoing discussion about her choice of clothing suggests that Son Ye Jin might simply be dressing for comfort, unconcerned with netizens’ gossip.

Currently, Hyun Bin’s wife is actively involved in activities related to the brand she represents. She is also diligently reading scripts and selecting roles for her much-anticipated return to the screen.

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