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Not an artist, this is Kim Tae Ri’s answer when asked what her job is, unexpected!

Kim Tae Ri is now gaining high popularity thanks to his acting.
Besides being active in drama and film projects, now Kim Tae Ri is also starting to make a vlog of his activities.
On May 12, a video titled “[#Kim Tae-ri] Is this there DAY 1” was uploaded on MMM Management’s official YouTube channel. This video is Kim Tae Ri’s first vlog. In the video, Kim Tae Ri jokingly chats with the inn owner where he was staying during the trip.
On that day, Kim Tae Ri left for Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, to film the tvN drama Mr. sunshine.
Kim Tae Ri rested well at a hanok-style inn as soon as he arrived.
The beautiful actress woke up in the morning and looked around the inn while covering her face with a hat, glasses and a mask.
Kim Tae Ri then met with the innkeeper and had a casual chat.
When asked, “May I ask what kind of work do you do?”
The answer from this actress was unexpected and hilarious. Kim Tae Ri replied, “I am unemployed (Baek soo).”
Then Kim Tae Ri asked again, “Aren’t you unemployed too?”
The owner replied with a dad joke, “I’m Cheon (1000) soo instead of Baek (100) soo.”
Kim Tae Ri laughed uncontrollably at the owner’s sudden joke.
He ‘slyly’ said, “I envy you so much. Being unemployed is no big deal.”
When the owner asked his name, “How should I call you?”
Kim Tae Ri said the name of the primary PD of the movie “Alien”, who helped him book accommodation.
Kim Tae Ri, who hid his job and real name, attracted attention by continuing a comfortable conversation with the owner.
The reason why Kim Tae Ri started the vlog is because of his fans.
He once revealed that he tried vlogs while thinking about what gifts to give his fans.
Kim Tae Ri’s pleasant personality managed to amaze many netizens.



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