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Not Bae Suzy or Song Hye Kyo, this actress is often a plastic surgery reference in Korea!

Plastic surgery clients imitate many Korean actresses and actors, but not Bae Suzy or Song Hye Kyo.
A plastic surgeon surprisingly mentioned it.
Launching KBIZoom, three actresses are often used as references by their clients who want to change their face shape.
Through KBIZoom, in a video shared by Boda’s YouTube channel, a surgeon mentions which actresses his face is often “imitated”.
Interestingly, there are no star names such as Song Hye Kyo, Bae Suzy, or Park Shin Hye in the top three. So many customers who want plastic surgery mention Shin Se Kyung’s name.
In the video shared by the Boda channel, it is stated that 80 per cent of people who do plastic surgery want to be like Shin Se Kyung.
Not only women, but there are also even male patients who want to be like this actress.
Who is Shin Se Kyung?
She is an actress who has entered the world of acting since 1998, although she rarely collaborates with Korean drama actresses and actors who now dominate the industry.
Launching Asian Wiki, his latest work is the drama Run On which will air in 2020 by JTBC. After that, many plastic surgery patients wanted the nose shape of Winter aespa.
In the video, the surgeon mentions that a patient who has a wide nose wants a thinner nose like Winter’s. This is natural considering that Winter aespa has recently stolen attention with its beauty.
Besides Shin Se Kyung and Winter aespa, actress Oh Yeon Soo is also a widely used reference.
This senior actress is one cast who appeared in the drama Military Prosecutor Doberman.



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