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Not only Jisoo, Blackpink members were all criticized for “Snowdrop”.

Only airing the first episodes, the movie “Snowdrop” has become the noisiest in the Korean entertainment industry.
However, instead of praise, nearly all comments from Koreans expressed outrage at the “Snowdrop” content. The reason is that they think that the film has distorted details of Korean history.
Before this noise, not only the main cast of “Snowdrop” (including Jisoo) was attacked by the Korean public, but also other members of the Blackpink group were also affected.
The main reason is that the audience is angry because these members openly supported the movie “Snowdrop” when their senior, Jisoo, played the lead role.
Specifically, when “Snowdrop” aired, 2 Blackpink members, including Rosé and Lisa, uploaded their Instagram Story posts showing that they were watching the movie live together. Earlier, on the day “Snowdrop” held a press conference to launch the media, Rosé and Jennie also posted photos on Instagram Story to support Jisoo and her new movie.
After that, when the movie was controversial, Blackpink continued to cheer for Jisoo publicly. This has fueled public outrage.
According to an article from Joy News 24, the author criticized the Blackpink group for saying that the artists are voicing their support (Snowdrop) through SNS even though they are well aware of the content’s history-distorting controversies. Film content. Joy News 24 cites that Blackpink members constantly upload their Instagram Story articles supporting Jisoo’s appearance in “Snowdrop,” forgetting that they are a global girl group.
Objectively speaking, Blackpink is one of the most famous girl groups in the world. That’s why their influence is so significant to Korean audiences. Therefore, the recent posts of Blackpink members have disappointed the public. They even turned to criticize the Blackpink members.
Although currently, there is no information that the movie “Snowdrop” is banned from showing. However, with the current situation, Korean audiences are being turned away.

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