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Not Song Hye Kyo, Here is the most valuable person in Song Joong Ki’s life, lasts more than a decade

Song Hye Kyo has been essential to Song Jong Ki’s life. But long before this Vincenzo star knew Song Hye Kyo, there was one person whose existence was most valuable to the actor, and his relationship is still lasting today.
Yep, that special person is Lee Kwang Soo. Song Joong Ki has many famous friends, including Yoo Ah In, Park Bo Gum, Jo In Sung, and Kim Woo Bin. But Lee Kwang Soo remains the “most important friend” in his life. The two have been friends for 12 years and have gone through various twists and turns, from being happy to crying together. The two first met as members of the variety show Running Man.
Even though they are the same age, these friends are also very different in height, visuals, to personality. They even admitted that they didn’t want to take pictures together because of the striking height difference. Fortunately, Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo accept each other’s flaws and maintain their friendly relationship like family.
In fact, because of the bromance, the two stars are considered by the Korean media as the most charming friendship in the South Korean entertainment industry because they think of each other first and spend time together during the most critical moments of their lives.
According to Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo was not only a friend but also a family member who supported him whenever he needed, listened to him without fail, and shared his problems with him. Reporting from kbizoom, some of the two’s sweet moments prove the two actors’ sweet friendship. One was in 2013 before Song Joong Ki performed his military service.
Lee Kwang Soo once recalled that day in tears, saying: “That night, we kept crying while remembering our memories together and the hardships we had been through. It was a night we will remember for the rest of our lives.” The Vincenzo star also revealed that he first told the actor with the nickname Prince of Asia about his intention to marry Song Hye Kyo. Lee Kwang Soo kept it a secret until the information was published.
And to this day, even though Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are no longer together, Lee Kwang Soo is still Song Joong Ki’s ‘soulmate.’
Not infrequently, these two stars also support each other by accepting cameo roles in their respective projects. Lee Kwang Soo once made a scene when appearing in episode 1 of “Descendants of the Sun” to support his friend.
Likewise, Song Joong Ki also appeared as a cameo in “Calling My Heart,” where his best friend played the main character. They are like brothers because Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki are always there on essential days for their respective families. This can be seen when Song Joong Ki is undergoing military service. Lee Kwang Soo regularly visits the barracks and takes care of and helps Song Joong Ki’s family. The actor succeeded Song Joong Ki as the second son in the Song family and prepared everything for his brother’s wedding.
Lee Kwang Soo also enthusiastically welcomed the guests who came to the wedding party and even had time to take pictures together. Song Joong Ki couldn’t hold back his tears while watching the video that recorded the entire wedding scene, witnessing the sincerity of Lee Kwang Soo for him and his family. On the other hand, at a crucial moment in Lee Kwang Soo’s family, the Descendants Of The Sun star actor was always there beside his best friend.
Song Joong Ki helped him wholeheartedly when Lee Kwang Soo’s younger sister’s wedding was held. Even at the beginning of his close relationship with Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki showed more affection for Lee Kwang Soo than when he was with the actress.
He is seen while filming “Descendants of the Sun” in Greece in 2016 ago, where Song Joong Ki wrote his name and the name of his best friend on a white stone. “Song Joong Ki (heart) Lee Kwang Soo (Prince of Asia) – October 14, 2015”, wrote Song Joong Ki on a white stone in Greece. On the other hand, these two actors are also busy with their respective activities. Song Joong Ki is rumored to take on a new film project, Hwaran.
According to Soompi, the actor’s agency, HISTORY D&C, sad that Song Joong Ki was currently reviewing the offer positively. Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo, active in the variety show world, recently joined the new program The Zone: Endure to Live with Yoo Jae Suk and Yuri of Girls’ Generation.
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